6 fun facts

A Poem

By Sona Simonian

did you know that pineapple juice has
the ability to teach photosynthetic bacteria
how to knit little snowballs?

or how flying carrots are proven to be
583 times more effective than knives at
cutting up little baby towels?

have you ever heard of the fact that
potato starch is the perfect glue for any
broken pot made out of kidney stones?

or that foxes have access to the
essence that gave birth to the nasal
voices of cher’s 17 pet iguanas? 

has anyone ever made you aware of the
fact that mental earrings taste like a
jasmine and cardboard smoothie?

or how it is possible to touch your own elbow
by sacrificing 9741 neon green hairs
plucked from the pits of the sahara?

Sona Simonian is a Dutch-born Armenian poet based in Amsterdam. Sona is currently Editor-in-Chief of Writer’s Block Magazine and considers Eurovision her religion. You can find her haunting museums and plundering bookstores.