A Poem

By Ridwane Wane Devautour

I won’t apologise for loving beginnings
Because I am a start
Grand ideas, possibilities of Life, I’m alive
Yes, I have had many stillborn babies
You try to understand what my purpose is

To consume everything and anything as long as they start promising
To change the course of a dull day
And to set a spark for a spark
I am grateful for life so I try to give life
I am a child of spring so if it blooms what if it dies

There is a place far from geography
A grave site at the Frontier of my mind and my soul
Mausoleums for the ideas and the loves that died too soon
For they were never supposed to live
For my desire was too strong, my fire too fast

In in each grave, buried deep in a sandlike soil, their ashes lay in tiny boxes.

Each of them carry my name and my salvation in a prophecy : “For each stillborn creation, another, worth waiting for, lasting one will come to life. She will learn to make an eternal fire with those sparks.”