Nature; the Original Influencer

An Article

By Holly Beaton

The mechanization of healing in the West is a strange ideology to be raised on — it perpetuates compartmentalising and isolating issues as the most rational approach of observation. I am not qualified to have a firm opinion, but in the face of Corona Hysteria — a holistic approach to healing seems like it lends itself to building a greater reserve of immunity; on all levels, anxiety included. While medical measures are absolutely crucial, I am one to speculate that a society of this scale and with such disconnection is certainly vulnerable to a most subtle viral force. My form of healing at present is to write; and to continue questioning if this is the best we can do.

I try to remain relatively reserved when it comes to the intrusive content of mass media; but the outbreak of Covid-19 is unavoidable. I have been left feeling a certain apocalyptic, rapture-esque mood; is this is simply a medical outbreak, or a larger malaise manifesting? I am daring to say that with many seismic events comes the reshaping of civilizations; and I wonder if we stand at the precipice of such an instance?

Perhaps the spread of viruses in a technologically advanced civilization is a symbol pointing to a greater truth of physical existence; that as much as we refine our biological iterations and create weapons against Nature, the more we become deluded that we are the all-powerful, dominate species of the planet. It is certainly hard to fathom large hominids being at the mercy of an invisible, viral speck; yet this is exactly a fundamental part of our existence. We are expressions of the whole, not separate nor superior. We get sick, and we heal — or we move on, or disappear; whichever stance one prefers. Personally, it is a sobering reminder of the fleeting, uncertain past, present and future; a small footnote from the natural order that even our best efforts cannot always keep us safe.
It is important to hold a hopeful perspective in pandemic situations; the essence of hope is truly the salve that can ease us when the ride gets bumpier than expected. I have found that the Corona outbreak has brought many questions to the forefront — ones that are usually too uncomfortable to even discuss, but need to be addressed and acted upon if we are to survive. Our stark mortality becomes viscerally clear, and the divisive and instinctive blame we put on each other is glaring; racism and cultural prejudice are no longer hidden but shared en-mass via social media, although this is nothing new — our childish cruelty shines through as we grapple for the things we are afraid to lose in the midst of it all; Corona and beyond.

Perhaps it is time for change; to prioritize and do things differently; we are all at the mercy of nature — a humbling reminder. The western world certainly forgot this a long time ago; instead isolating and compartmentalizing its presence across the globe in order to dominate. Sound familiar?

Yet somehow, amidst a microscopic threat, we are daringly resilient and ancient beings with a hardwired knack for withstanding environmental pressures. This may not always seem obvious in the age of vapid ‘’influencing’’, but perhaps even that is a just a tool for humans to make do; to seize every opportunity and continue on this path of evolution; a means to an end.

I suppose what I am trying to get at in all of this; is questioning the authenticity of who we have become as a society; each of us as unique expressions with a myriad of unique circumstances, yet living in a polarized machine of conflicting ideologies and systems — always on the run from time and death through concepts like wealth and power. No matter how many walls we build or cruelty we spew; we are in this together — vulnerable beings who thrive in community– and we need to wake up and heal. Message received.