An Article

By Daksha Mothilal

Corona Virus. The word Corona seems to be on everyone’s lips, making headlines on every form of communication. No one expected this. Maybe some saw it coming. Who knows? None the less it is imperative that we take the Quarantine period seriously. One may go on further to ask what Quarantine is? Or how do we do Quarantine? It’s simple; it’s definitely a self-healing process. The human race is being taught the simple free things in life and is going back to basics.

The next three weeks are going to be a test for many, a test of patience, a test of your time balance, and a test of your tongue. Be fruitful in your quarantine process, read, learn a new skill, gather around your family members and watch a good comedy. Rest, take enough time to sleep, drink lots of water and prepare some scrumptious meals for your family.

Don’t speak negatively about our current situation; verify your facts especially with Whatsapp messages before circulating them. Use social media wisely and rather Skype or Whatsapp call friends and family to keep in touch.

Use this quarantine time to heal, heal from busyness, heal from always being confined to an agenda, heal from all traffic, and heal from pollution. Set new goals, look at achieved goals and how far you have come, revisit what motivates you daily and be thankful. Pray like never before as it is only a higher calling that will save us from this disease.

Remain calm, take all precautionary measures, and stay positive!

Daksha Mothilal is PhD Candidate at University of Kwa-Zulu Natal