By Bolelang John Leepile

Afrofuturism is a popular term among black writers, artists, philosophers and cultural practitioners in the African Diaspora. Coined in the 1980s by black scholars through a study which explores the developing intersection of African Diaspora culture with technology. It explores the intersections of black people across the world by looking into their common denominators. It analysis the history, science, philosophy, fiction story-telling and identities of Africans without the use of western methodologies.

As an artist, I want to reflect, represent, portray or tell a story of how I see Africans diaspora in this present day and the future using technology as an aesthetic in the imagery of their works.

I want to express myself freely using any canons or break any known canons in drawing and printmaking to achieve Afrocentrism by focusing on any subject matter such as social, family, politics, economy, education or personal interests within the Afrofuturism platform or even challenge this term by disagreeing with its theory, just to understand where we are going as Africans and those in the diasporas.

I’ll be using linocut print and drawing to communicate my message, thought or desire which in my opinion every black person in the world sympathises with.

Portfolio work of Bolelang John Leepile Linocut Print and Drawings