Light shall lead darkness to its end

A Poem

By Nkateko Tshabalala

Dancing in flickering lights
Shallow steps on grandeur stages
We have built our windows with mirrors
Those looking inside, must first see themselves
To saunter across the room that admires the gentleness of my feet
The stillness of my thumps that twirls in the breeze
The brazen smile flaunts the dreams that are dying
The soul pouring on spared promises
Still dancing in the ambience of flickering lights
Stillness that echos, yet not interrupting tranquillity
Balance the chirping and quacking with the voices from nightmares invoking the living
A laughter so cruel the devil blushed with a reprieve of punishment
To fear the appendage inevitability of that which we cannot escape
Dancing in flickering lights before the last light is stolen by a mob of moths.