a how-to one of infinity

A Poem

By Jack C. Buck

How do we avoid the convenience of all the grocery stores we will pass on our drive to the river to fish for rainbow trout cascading through the vibrating glass rivers of northwest Idaho

We should’ve purchased a how-to guidebook Ask and we shall receive

At the Payette River office, you will find a guidebook and inside the guidebook will be an abridged history of how to avoid main streets and popular highways

If the office staff is out for lunch or gone to the river themselves, instead try the local library a half-mile west – all that’s needed to know is located on the 3rd floor

Ask a librarian at the reference desk for a key to open up the steel cabinets lining the back wall – they’ll happily assist in research depending on their present mood

Look under “R” for Roads: The roads are not what they used to be

While leaning against the back of the car taking in the sun, a question of doubt populates the top of my planning to-do list but then I forget all about it due to how good the sun feels

We’re on a trip to test our recent life changes

The library parking lot is an ideal resting place to stretch, rest, clean up, sort one’s belongings, and fuel up with lunch under the shade of a tree

For good luck, I throw a penny in the mural fountain out front

This isn’t the first time we decided last minute to take a chance on an idea of why not it will be worth it one way or another

Look under “R” for Roads: The roads are what keeps the continued trust in dreams: a how-to of the avoidance of main streets and popular highways

And once again we are heading off towards a new direction


It’s been well worth it always has been

I’ve learned to not question the legitimacy of putting trust in dreams of seeing yourself in a dream standing in a new landscape other than where you are currently standing

Start there and try not to think about what should happen next

Jack C. Buck lives in Boise, Idaho. He is the author of the collections Deer Michigan and Gathering View, along with the chapbook will you let it send you out.