Beside Nizar Qabbani

A Poem

By Sara Bint Moneer Khan

Now, why don’t I ever remember the street they live on?
I know I wrote it down somewhere, it was beside a school
Zig zagging through the streets of Aleppo with this cabbie
Agh. One second, I remember this house with the two cars parked
Rana drove us past here on the way to the Salon once
Quiet little street with sand-coloured buildings
And one of the houses had a carved ‘Allah’ sculpture at the front
Beside it was a Jasmine tree, whose scent swept into the car
But now you are just drifting Sara, focus on where you’re going
And it was a melodies name, oh here’s the paper sir
Nizar Qabbani was the name!
Its Halab Aljadidah, Jamiet Almualmeen, right beside Nizar Qabbani school