read your poem the other day

A Poem

By Jack C. Buck

it’s been over a year since I’ve last written any poems fifteen months to be exact it may sound like I’m bothered by it knowing the exact number of months but really it feels somewhere between perfectly fine and great                        I’ve written a lot of poems for my family and friends they know how I feel about them now and how I felt about them then when I didn’t know how to tell them because if there’s one thing in life I try to get right it’s this                                                              I used to not practice a vital part of the writing life the realization of how relaxing it is not writing                                                  as a quiet kid growing up at school

sometimes I would go days without saying a word to anyone it was a game I would play that nobody else knew I was playing I would often hide on top of the slide and the playground staff wouldn’t find me                                  the last time I wrote I can remember exactly where I was and which poem it was I had the day off from work by calling in sick I wasn’t really sick I was just sick of work on that particular day I wrote the poem in my favorite neighborhood park then decided I had enough of hearing myself for a while so I stopped nothing extraordinary not a profound moment just a decision                        the next day I went back to the work went home made dinner sat down in my favorite chair underneath the good light forgot about my personal writing goals and aims and delightfully read some other person’s poetry fully maybe it was even yours

Jack C. Buck lives in Boise, Idaho. He is the author of the collections Deer Michigan and Gathering View, along with the chapbook will you let it send you out.