This too, shall pass

A Poem

By Mehdi Bagheri

Out of my mouth
cigar puffs
I get the feel of
the flying time
I let the time fly
I get to see
the beauty of life

life is hard
at times
and I take it
as bitter,
and as hard as
downing the last sip
of the glass.

This ain’t a story
but it puts me
into a light dream


at age eight
when our granny
kissed our cheeks
and wished us
sweet dreams
and a goodnight

Or maybe,

these days
when we see her
from our phone’s frame
and cancer tumours
force us to count
her last number
of breaths

as she blows a kiss
for us
into her phone’s screen

Or maybe

in 2016
when I decided
to jump off a cliff
It was you, my brother
who stopped me
and begged me
to hold on
and take a sip

I listened
but broke into tears
like a newborn
who’s been given hope

If it wasn’t for you
no one would
be reading this poem

we don’t know
what the future holds
but we know
this too,
shall pass