A Poem

By Shameelah Khan

Lady Jill Scott-
So In Love,
Filling the room
And my hands, touching the distance
Between oceans
I make love to the clouds
A Quarantine- day-dream
I still can’t find, my favourite ring
The wooden one
That binds me
To a memory
Of a gypsy woman who braided my hair
In Sao Paulo
She told me that breathing is like healing
And toffee apples make us smile
Can’t Wait, Thank you Jill
I think about it,
The things that live in my mind
How warm it feels
To be loved.
I stand here and I stand there
I stand in a home,
Where a fireplace caresses my skin,
Singing- Missing You
“The only thing I think about at night….so many ideas”
And I sing
Hear My Call,
Until Then (I imagine) 

Some Other Time Maybe? 

Maybe… you’ll visit me…

When I wake up
To your touch and
Lady Jill Scott-
So In Love,
Filling the room
Come here, my love.