black panther

A Poem

By Uma-Thandeka Muhwati
© Emory Douglas

maybe you sit in the kitchen corner,
on the wooden chair rocking yourself
back and forth,
coffee beans brewing behind you.
the rains dancing on your rooftop
and thunders playing disco.

loving you is learning to love:
four hundred years of scars etched on your brown skin
and a colonised mind.
your black and my black one day will make a generation, blacker and bold.
mornings of the soulful, patriotic Nina Simone,
noons of history talks, Martin Luther King
evenings of park protests, We Matter!.

with every hot sip,
allow the beverage to warm your lost soul,
in a world that sees white, brown and black
not blood, all red.
thought on thought, you ponder
if life’s worth the living?.

it is.

loving you is a

black panther