A Poem

By Nkateko Masinga

press backspace once
& hello turns to hell

even lover without the l
spells over

my friend. my beloved.
when you said heroin(e),
i thought you needed me.
not the drug.

either way, i wasn’t there

press backspace once &
heroine turns to heroin

click view history once
and you turn to drugs
i, to soft rock and boys,
both of us too far gone.

press the space bar once
and beloved becomes
be loved. oh, be loved.

please be loved,
even if it’s not
by me. rest easy.
(assuage my guilt)

dial 911 &
nobody saves
either of us

i thought we were taking it together,
this life trip. it’s no fun without you.

i have been jaywalking
since you walked away

i will be (guilt)-tripping
until i join you up there