Nights are origin of dawn

A Poem

By Adeyeye James Oluwatobi

Someday you will find yourself in a lightless room, shadows will blink at you. take you beyond the roof of your home.
You will think of many things
Your heart will knock the door to the world of ghosts
oblivion will walk you into depth of sorrow
Silence will carve you a home
& paint its wall with the faces
Of the wars you left unfought
You’ve reached the rock bottom;
You don’t know the colour of the sky, darkness is eating the moon,
the sun is now a coward, afraid of smiling before mobbers, bolstering about the death of celestials
Voidness will cover your mind, you have become a victim of riot/ of fear –
At this juncture, a storm is craving to cover your dreams with a blanket of death
Nights are origin of daybreak, there’s a sun in you ready to outshine darkness.