Adaptation to life as art – a theory

A Poem

By Awósùsì Olúwábùkúnmi

when you were born, you were an art — fragmented into the naturality of finding yourself – you were a mosaic. the ruckus of ageing fondles with you in unyielding credos till you are absorbed in – art(s) & stiffened by stereotypical rules. you began to sort yourself carefully like solving a Rubik’s cube while on the journey of understanding human nature you are be(com)ing a Nietzsche. you pick the pieces of your fragmented art and fit it. the universe shoves ideas into you – painting its philosophies and tenets on your art while it expects you to become a conflux of ideologies. but you are a mosaic & mosaic is a metaphor for unconventional & here you are in the ruckus of the universe in between yourself and different stereotypical credos – living.