Apophenia is the Spirit of Discernment

A Poem

By Joshua Morley

Life is a chore when you cannot avoid it
or wish it away
There are no genies & there are no lamps
to light the way
Breathing is involuntary, until it is
& everything is a shortness/
of breath
when you pay mind to it

Did a boy even know you could fall?
& for someone you never even met
over texts & loneliness does wild things
Nothing is fair in love and in war
& in world-wide crises called pandemics

[Covikk One Nine]
Karma is when you build castles/ with the sand
from a fire bucket/ & then a fire ravages your estate
Trousers sewn with the exotic material of sails
are lovely to wear until a merciless storm rocks your boat
Safety is a butterfly/ you would chase & never catch
[I’m a prisoner, but you’re a prisoner too, Mr. Jailer]

A cattle herder would lace his whip with poison
Because death is the instrument to caution your flock with
Do you not know that God sends viruses to correct
disobedience & that the faithful have immunity?
Apophenia is the spirit of discernment
but faith is to ignore all of the signs

Covikk One Nine [contemporary]: In addressing Nigerians about COVID-19, the President referred to the disease as ‘Covikk One Nine’. This is an allusion to the incompetence of Nigerian politicians in managing the welfare of the citizens of Nigeria.