I lived in the body of a god once

A Poem

By Timi Sanni

I lived in the body of a god once
then I slayed a man with a lightning bolt
& elédùmarè took my àṣe,
lined the grooves of my tribal marks
with blood, led me
into the first fire/
into oblivion
where death found me burning
into the body of a boy with an inferno
in his mouth
reading the ragged lines
of a poem shaped like lightning.
Once a god, always a god.

It was raining yesterday
when the shadow of the god in me
walked out beneath the raging heavens
& stretched out his hand to hold thunder.
5,000 volts coursed through his vacuum/ my body
carrying the weight
of a deity’s fall. 5,000 volts
was just enough to teach my body.

Now, I lie
comatose between these white walls
with my memories sucked into the vortex within
a broken frame, a shapeless form.

I lived in the body of a god once.

Timi Sanni is a Nigerian writer and literary enthusiast studying Biochemistry at Lagos State University, Nigeria. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in Radical Art ReviewWriters Space AfricaEthel ZineCypress: A Literary JournalX-ray litRather Quiet and elsewhere.

He recently won the SprinNG Poetry Contest 2020 and is the recipient of the Fitrah Review Prize for Fiction 2020. When not writing or studying, he is either painting or exploring new places. He is an editor for Kalopsia lit. Find him on twitter: @timisanni