the other k word

A Poem

By Miriam Gayize

in your melting
pot of colour,
lies the shades
of different worlds
and the reminder of
when times were duller
you’ve combined and
interlaced your stories
and touched on the
grounds you deemed uneven
you’ve combed through
the difficulties and
dismantled the knots in
your throats

we were never
invited in your melting pot
we leave a bitter taste in
the sweetness of your glory
we are an afterthought
like an abandoned edifice
looming with our stories
and the heaviness of the worlds
that we had to run away from

now our bodies are burnt
in the fire that cooks your
children’s future
our voices are silenced
in the name of discomfiture
our hands are trapped behind
our backs
to you
we’re deplorable
readily deportable
and always unwanted
to you
we’re the other k word