When the war comes

A Poem

By Takudzwa Goniwa
© Loyiso Mkize

“War though, might be a part of our existence”

When the war comes,
it never leaves.
It settles in the back of your teeth.
The shell casings jam in your gums,
You misfire in every direction.
Your family bleeds in silence.

When the war comes,
it gets comfortable.
Turns all the furniture into a warzone,
Every encounter into a battle.
There are enemy troops crouched everywhere.
Ready to topple your monopoly of this household

When the war comes,
it doesn’t come alone.
Famine and fear tag along to deaden the solitude.
Disease comes to play during the commercial interlude.
Wherever war goes,
it’s always a party.

When the war came,
You could no longer distinguish between enemies or friendlies,
All became casualties in this home.
I think at one point it tried to leave,
You somehow convinced it to stay