Boeber Mix

Artist: Ayesha Mukadam
Music Composer: Riyaadh Fife

In the spirit of heritage month in South Africa, I wanted to share my Grandmother’s Boeber recipe and the memories attached to it. Boeber is the Cape Malay name for a milk pudding, usually eaten when breaking ones fast during Ramadaan or after sunset prayers on a Thursday night.

My grandparents immigrated to South Africa from India and food was the only link to my grandparents’ home in Morba, Mumbai. Today I share with you my grandmother’s Boeber recipe and memories in the form of a soundscape, composed from the audio I recorded as I physically made and celebrated this Boeber dish, made from milk, sago, vermicelli and warmth of cinnamon and cardamom.

Come Bismillah and enjoy the Boeber Mix ~