Peggy’s Brack

A Poem

By Anne McDonald

Do you not remember the night you ate the brack?
The night she came home cold and tired from work and put the kettle on?
It was November and the pump had burst in the hot press
so the house was freezing.
There was very little butter left
And you put it on the last slice of brack.

She ran amok
Threw us all out of the house
We had to go to your house
Do you not remember?
Can you not just pretend
that you remember about the brack?

She gets confused I know but to be fair to her
It really did happen
And she gets upset when she gets confused
Are you sure you don’t remember?
What would it matter if you played along?
You’ll never see her after this
She might give you a slap
Or a kiss
Depending on how her brain is working on the day
Would it really kill you to visit for a chat
About when we were all teenagers
And she used to work nights
And all the fights and arguments
About dishes in the sink

Just let her think that you remember
I’ll be with there, you needn’t worry
She’s not usually violent
Only when she gets confused
But she is right on this score.
We’ll be in and out in no time

I’m sad you don’t or won’t remember about the brack
It’s all she can remember about you.