Marry the Musician

A Poem

By Jayro Viapree

Marry the musician.
Marry him and all his passion. His creative freedom and all his sins.
Don’t take the clashes for granted, he did it to keep you intrigued.

Marry the musician.
When the bass pulsates through your blood, let it. Don’t hold it from its purpose.
Realise his story within the frequencies, all his pain and beauties.

Marry the musician.
His medium of communication is soft and will make the unknown entirely obvious.
There will be no questions between you and him, only explanations and fresh ideas.

Marry the musician.
When you play together, the electricity will be your secret and yours alone.
Solely the two of you will feel it, that impossible feeling of complete synchronization and direction.
Your hearts will join together moment after moment.

Marry the musician.
His music will be your remedy for when you’re floating and need rooting, or when you’re rooted and need to float.

Marry the musician.
Art is not static.
Your existence will be constant and your excitement will never cease.

Marry the musician.
Make sure your song doesn’t end.
Confusion will drive the waves inside of you to decay.
All cadences will be interrupted, no resolutions.

When you marry the musician the sound will fill you up,
to be full never sounded so good.