Odd Artist of the Month: Chané Isaacs

In 2011, I made the decision to study a BA degree in Communication Design, and from that point onward my life has been filled with countless moments of creating and simultaneously dismantling my own thoughts and commitments to art. Growing up, art was always a means of expression which gave my inner child a voice. I tried dancing, ceramics, drama and even writing, but design is what really ignited my passion.

After obtaining my degree I spent the majority of my career in corporate, however, in 2019 I felt I had reached my [own] glass ceiling. I then made the decision to work on cruise ships as an on-board Designer. This was a huge change from my everyday life and of course, ignited a new level of agility in me. Unfortunately, the pandemic struck amidst my personal changes. I experienced multiple bouts of “what am I doing?” to “I’m where I’m meant to be” – which I believe is the common theme of this year for many. I battled a great deal with impostor syndrome and one day I woke up and decided to hold myself accountable for where I am and what I am going to do about it.

Arriving back in South Africa in the midst of a lockdown, I found myself thinking about how I could improve my home environment to contrast the uncertainty and limitations caused by the pandemic. This led me to contemplate whether I could make a difference in the lives of others as well. I came to the conclusion that art created with the intentions, to uplift and inspire, would meet this goal. I first started playing around with resin art – not quite the outcome I expected, but that didn’t stop me. I continued to explore various mediums that resonated with me. Abstract paintings and digital art became my inspiration of choice, my niche if you like. Knowing the realities of artists and it not being a viable form of income, I stayed committed to it because it was something that felt right and personally, I believe that’s what’s important. When we create anything in any form, albeit; food, art, clothes, we have intentions, whether it’s to make money, better someone’s life or to just get the job done. I believe these actions tend to ripple those intentions into the world and in some way, determine what we get back. Therefore, I believe it’s important to always do what’s aligned with your spirit because that is what’s true to your journey.

My art is mainly abstract however there are a few pieces that are pretty realistic in a sense. The lesser abstract pieces are aimed more at the entry-level art consumer who isn’t trying to break the bank but is still interested in owning a trendy piece of art. I would like to attract the attention of all art consumers, at various levels. I’m committed to listening and learning.

Another goal is to create a platform big enough to host the work of other artists who would like to sell their artwork but are afraid of putting themselves out there. It’s important to have a community in the arts and support each other because more often than not we’re all feeling the same feels – no matter how renowned an artist may be.

I have made a decision to use my art sales to help fund various organizations or causes which are close to my heart. Because why not, right? Why not make a conscious purchase that pays ode to an organization or cause. I think it’s a win-win situation.  These small decisions are just as important as the big ones. They inflict change and have the power to start a conversation. Although my art business is my livelihood, I have the privilege & the tools to make such a decision – so it’s imperative that I do so responsibly.

You can view or purchase my art online at www.createdbychane.com or @createdbychane on Instagram.