Odd Artist of the Month: Hanul Lee

Twenty Stories High, Spinning with the Devil, Blind

The day after New Year’s 2021, my new Master (BDSM) and I explored magic mushrooms in a cabin surrounded by nature. It was our first time mixing shrooms with sex and neither of us knew what to expect. What followed was a session of intense hallucinations, sensations and, as can be expected of Golden Teacher: revelations. 

I saw the wooden ceiling beams fractalize into kaleidoscopic cathedral ceilings, and all the colours that burst as I closed my eyes became stained glass windows. Somehow, we still managed to continue our Dom-sub dynamic in this altered state, and through the consensual choking, slapping, bondage, and waterboarding, I saw a bull and a skull emerge from my Master’s face. Never have I ever experienced a session like this!

Our skin became one, his touches multiplied (much like my vision fractalized), and my mind raced with new and strange images: leaves growing on my Master’s body; traversing tropical rainforests as we mingled in each other’s sweat; a shower that became an orange waterfall; a bed of expanded senses and fractal flowers; an orgasm suspended in the ceiling of a cathedral… Among many more, of course. This was all I could capture in the week following this intense session.

This experience has birthed a new me – artistically, philosophically, and sexually. 

Addendum: Poem (20 Stories High, Spinning with the Devil, Blind)

In the land of gods
We looked for bliss
Between our fucks
We listened in

To the choir of angels
Singing love songs
In painted panels
Gospels in gloss:

“I love you”

Beneath the pews
And “I love you’s”
We soon knew sin
And burned our skin

And there grew space
Between our kisses
Between our touches 
Our lonely sees

We raped Madonna
Shaved Adonis
Were we demons?
Or are we human?

Our doubt was penance
Hell and punishment
Do I know you?
Do you know me?