Odd Artist of the Month: Eloosh

I have – specifically in the past year due to covid – shifted from one medium to the next, exploring a different way of being able to express my emotions and ideals. The anxiety created because of the depth of despair that cast a shadow over the world, only made this feeling of internal angst become greater. There were periods of blockage that, in some way, ironically, forced me to express myself in a completely different technique.


At one point, I used portraiture, in its abstract form, to allow others to fully connect with me through the doorway to my soul (the eyes), my feelings in its rawest and most vulnerable state. I then swayed towards free-flowing abstract as I began to feel rigid and strained being stuck in the form of shapes and figure – perhaps it was to do with the anxiety that grew as we were all locked and imprisoned within our homes. The free-flowing abstracts allowed me to open up my creative juices and be inspired to find other ways and forms of expressing ideas that I constantly had within my mind; ideas pertaining to female empowerment and sexuality.