Odd Bookers: The Oracle’s Journal

by Dimitri Liountris


The Oracle’s Journal, published in 2020, is an urban-fantasy epic set in the early 2010s and spans four volumes. In the time of the gods, a Great War between sixteen gods and a being known simply as Chaos ravaged the realms. With no way of defeating this unrelenting evil, the gods sacrificed themselves in an explosion of celestial power, wiping Chaos out of existence. However, before the gods sacrificed themselves, they placed pieces of their souls into four specially crafted amulets. Fearing that without them, their realms would fall, the gods ensured that those chosen to acquire the amulets would have the powers and forms of the gods. Steeped in divine magic, the amulets sense when great danger or change is coming and act accordingly, drawing four humans toward them to take the guardians’ mantle. There have been twelve sets of guardians.

This is the story of the thirteenth. 

In the year 2012, deep in the Cradle of Humankind, four teenagers discover these amulets. Gaining the power of the gods, the four find their entire lives changed in a blink of an eye. Where once they believed they were normal, the four discover that magic has been in their lives since birth and that becoming guardians wasn’t an act of chance. With their eyes now opened to the world of magic and mayhem, the four must contend with new responsibilities, harsh truths, and the idea that their own families have lied to them for years.  Then a portal to the Chaos Realm – a world of horror and torment – opens over their home city, and chaos follows. Serena, the First Queen of Earth, has returned after being imprisoned for nearly one-hundred-thousand years. With her throne long dismantled and humanity no longer practising magic, Serena sets her sights on finding The Oracle’s Journal, the most powerful spell-book in existence, a spell-book that can make Serena a god. She aims to ascend and take control of Earth once more, molding it into the tyrannical kingdom she once ruled. But Serena seems to have a second goal as well, one more personal to her, one that suggests there is a deeper reason behind Serena’s quest for power.

Filled to the brim with magic, adventure, and action, The Oracle’s Journal is a fun, fast-paced fantasy story with something for all lovers of the genre, from epic magic systems to strange creatures, mystery and intrigue. Follow the guardians as they navigate through their new, twisting lives of magic and mayhem with courage, curiosity, and more than a little humour.

You can find all for volumes of The Oracle’s Journal here: https://amzn.to/3dSzJB8

Dimitri Liountris is a South African author who enjoys all things storytelling and writing. While he has his MPhil in Criminology, Dimitri’s true interest has always been in the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy – though he plans to dabble in crime and mystery one day. He runs his own blog, Professional Amateur Writers, which deals with all things storytelling, such as themes, narrative structures, and character development. He currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa, with his fiancé and two very pretentious cats.

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