Odd Magazine Music Feature: George Kalukusha

George Kalukusha, the Malawian music artist, treads over multiple genres as a songwriter. Still, he holds true to the lyricism of Folk, the melodic structures of Pop and the groove of Afro music. Kalukusha was also recently part of the Empawa Africa, a concept by Mr Eazi to promote the next generation of African superstars. As one of the top 100 upcoming artists across the continent, and even more impressively as a top 10 participant, he has had the opportunity to work alongside worldwide stars such as Diplo, Raye, Shekhinah, Kwesta, and Dj Maphorisa, to name a few. He later released a song with Mr Eazi called Tender (265). 

“A larger than life personality, George has shades of Tracy Chapman and Jack Johnson and is destined to be the next big thing out of Malawi” – Lonely planet

“Kalukusha and his guitar have a soothing and mesmerising quality that make me want to keep listening. He sings with an endearing honesty and earnestness that is rare, and refreshing” – Donna Truly (blogger).

On 19 March 2021, Kalukusha released his new single, “Find Your Way”. He delivers an utterly beautiful and emotional performance in this social anthem. The instrumentation itself is emotion-driven and dynamic, and Kalukusha’s lyricism and storytelling reveal a deep-rooted problem in our society which is men’s mental health. With the rising suicides in young men and the growing normalisation of young men abusing alcohol and drugs, the song is an apt cry for those lost in an overwhelming state to find their way. “Find Your Way” is the lead single off Kalukusha’s new EP, We Never Stood A Chance, which is penned for release on 9 April 2021. 


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