Photo Series: KC Bailey

Haunting Happiness

By KC Bailey

Re-play Ground

The children play
giggle, skip, hide & seek

joyous faces
twirling, Hula hooping

crisp cotton shirts, slate grey shorts 
and September dresses

crowns of daisy chains
in free-flowing hair

chase, chatter
hopscotch on worn concrete

running with arms outstretched
pretend pilots – school boy Spitfires

friendly games of football
bundled up jumpers mark the goals

ecstatic youthful exuberance
within the grounds, behind ornate gates

their expressions remain the same
clothes never change, or fade

same boys, same girls
defy age

repetition of action
stuck in a pattern

day begins and ends on a chime
from the old bell tower

where nothing has hung or rung
for over a century

caught in a continuum
ad infinitum

in their world, another day
from our eyes

ghosts of childhood.


There we will learn 
Once again
How to be children
How we were children

Sweet voices
Silent smiles

Pulled away

Laughing, laughing
Happy to be
Until you realise

They’re laughing at me.