The Playground

A Poem

By Wale Ope

On some days,

give me heaven; give me the chance

to refold myself into the body

of that teenage boy

I was.

Adulthood is a fault line that pains.


On some days, put me on a replay

that my wishes become reality; to make

sand castles in this suit and tie,

to hop after grasshoppers on grass lawns,

to wear over size slippers that fall me

till my body falls in love with sand grains.


On some days, allow me to lose my sanity

till I drown myself in the joy growing up

Christened “foolishness”,

let me lose my mind like those

milk teeth we lost on the grass field


Sorry! We couldn’t give them

a befitting grave on father’s roof

with seven pieces of stone; their company

still waiting to die and be in heaven.


On some days, give me breaks

that let me break away into sweet old days

who died with our innocence that 

always stay green like grasses from

the playground.


On some days, kill me,

let me die remembering

that cheese balls are delicious meals,

that biscuits, lollipops, toy cars, 

teddy bears are sweetness 

of heaven’s peak.


On some days, give me the chance

to cry with running nose, rainy tears

without me trying to hold back;

trying to be adult

while my heart burns like

wildfire on a mountain.



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