By Joseph Aimanesi

Title: Excogitation 

Medium: Mixed media on FBB (Charcoal, Acrylic, Poster colour, Coloured pencils) 

Style: Afro-Futurism 

I don’t have all that it takes to face L.I.F.E., but I dare to dream of all it takes to scale through its obstacles and distractions. Why does it matter that we please everyone? Why do we try to build coated impressions? Why do shallow things seem to matter more than life itself? Why is there so much pressure in the world? So many whys!

Sometimes it matters a lot to shut out the world. I need that wisdom. To know how to regulate between matters of life. I need the light. I need the Spirit of God to fix my thoughts about accepting my most authentic self. I need that atmosphere of solitude where I’m alone with my thoughts but never lonely, where I envisage a future while I’m seated in the Himalayas.

Where my body, soul and spirit are united with nature in its fullness.

And peace sheds herself over me. And she will be my new skin.

Amidst the chaos.


My work portrays the relevance of Africanness in the modern world. The African continent is rich with its cultures, customs, traditions and other indigenous characteristics. Now Africa is a little behind the times, compared to the influence of technology in other countries like the US, Germany, Russia and China. My work speaks of hope and of a developed Africa, which I see coming into play. The only way we can grow and achieve what we dream of for the future is when we can inspire ourselves and not rely on another to make this change for us.

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