Punctuating the Urban Fabric

A Poem By Azra Rajab

Two poems 

One looks back 

The other forward

Here lays the initiation 

Falling and stumbling 

and emerging

like an escaped beast 

gasping from beneath the surface

Gnarly face revealed 

To bite whole chunks of the city 

Still biting her own tongue

but reclaiming pieces of her self-worth

punctuating the urban fabric 

with a body of brown

and a hunger so wild 

Made to feel like an imposter 

Getting stuck in the stickiness

And dizziness of small dreams

Walking around with an oozing heart

and a distressed mind 

Rubbing her wounds up against you

and them 

Negotiating personal bubbles

against the crashing tide of doubt

Cracking the whip on her own back

to follow another dangling distraction 

when the time has come to reclaim

collective creation

To laugh, to dance, to spread joy

To lavish in the decadents of former masters

as a revolt 

amidst the concrete beauty 

She forges an organic pathway

in harsh territory 

of clean lines 

and deliberate design

Under the guise of belonging

she beats them at their own game

by building a sanctuary within.