A Poem by Al amin Al Hassan – 21 years old

Similar to the Soweto uprising in I976, The EndSARs protest in Nigeria saw youth from all over the country march against police brutality and other underlying political issues. Sadly, the peaceful protest was met with casualties and more death.


When the body is struck by a bullet in the head
The explosive effect disrupts the cranium and its contents
Smithereens of skull and brain tissue is spread over the wide area of the tarmac

Another man down
Another son to morn.

History will tell of the chaos
The murder of conscience
And the death of a country  

Of unarmed, peaceful protesters 
Whose only demands were good governance  
And that they stopped killing us.
But with tone-deaf silence and more violence
They stopped the air instead from our lungs.

Matters have gone beyond control 
There is need for peace and order
So they sent the zombies
To feast on the flesh of the disobedient 

History will tell of the nation’s anthem amidst the mayhem
The Bloodied flag
Stained with the blood of its citizen
Cold blood massacre at dusk in Lekki Tollgate
My country killed me.