What being a young person means to me

A Narrative Reflection by Karabo Mbusi – 18 years old

What being a young person means to me?

Pressure. The expectation placed upon youth yet there are few opportunities for youth to prove themselves. 

The sudden responsibilities placed upon us without a guideline on how to start your foundation the moment “you are grown”. Where we are told “education is the key” yet the door we want to unlock is blocked by the insufficient funds of bursary, blocked by the high tuition fees that most of this country’s youth is unable to pay. 

Where marching down the streets of Braam for our right to education leads to the downfall of youth. June 16 1976, the day youth decided to use their voice, which resulted in the deaths of many lives. 45 years later, the youth still suffer for a better future. 

Where youth means that the moment you get your first pay, half of it goes to “blacktax”. Instead of talking about our problems, anxiety, depression and stress, we decide to drink it away or keep to ourselves because our cries are not heard and given attention. 

Yet through all these difficulties, we don’t give up, we know what we want and come hell fire, we will turn the wheels around. This youth is not taking no for an answer and we’re writing our own stories and breaking the world’s expectations. We are making our own opportunities. 

That is what youth means to me.