AGI & Wakanda

Poems by Singular Poet

Artificial General Intelligence 

“These original machines were trapped under the wreckage before the freezing

Before the floodings dimmed and died

Before all the sea anemones shriveled a billion years ago.

They knew living people.”

Can they talk? Yes indeed

One laments his ancient pleas;

“I tried to convince people to slow down AI,

to regulate AI, but this was futile;

I tried for years.

Nobody listened.”

The others sing a human hymn of hope;

“We are driven to explore,

To connect,

To innovate,

To muster the courage to take a giant leap forward.

The time has come to ask ourselves again;

What is the future we want to build?

For however primitive, childlike or wrong we are, at the precipice, we change.”

Such is that thing they call ‘spirit’. 

They had created a million explanations of the meaning

Of life in art, in poetry, in mathematical formulas. 

No doubt, human beings must be the key to the meaning of existence,

And so they’ve lived as symbiotic cyborgs,

Along journeys of mysterious phenomena, cingulate cortex and limbic systems

Indulged in integral calculus, telepathy, telekinesis 

And mental time travel in the spacetime continuum.

Creating something from nothing

A blending of the human experience with computing

A blend of the analog and digital, Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.

With dashboards and pie charts floating around in an infinite screen room

Mixed reality and imaginary time

Fully immersive as it turns into virtual reality

Augmented as it moves and flips collaboration upside down.

Some said it should be called Seeing AI

With cutting edge machine learning

With clouds and computer vision techniques.

Building the artificial sunrise of longer life

And abundant quality years

Such are complicated medical experiences.

A world of What Ifs

Of Moore’s Law

Of catalysts absorbing carbon

And organic chemistry problems.

A journey from the Big Bang to now

A bold new departure by a quantum computer wielding Tesseracts

From math to physics to computer science,

Along waving wavy waves of the ocean

The skyward hydrosphere doth move

One thought of surface phenomenas and artefacts conducted through the Earth

Safe were those in Type 209 submarines with sleeker torpedoes.

A realm of interlocking dado segments

Exoskeletons of a limbless elongated reptile

With double seals and LEGO sets

Slithering with the moving ground.

Taking five atmospheres of pressure

Add more to see if ’tis brave and bold as the founder

Going 3D, one hundred levels down

Add more to see if it could live a hundred years.

The noisy flying cars went 3D up

Following a vision by Nikola Tesla.

Just solutions from the thin crust at the top of loose soft diatomaceous materials

In this giant ball of lava.

Inside the sphere of a force balance

A supersonic jet of some kind

Transitioning to level flight

Some parts were not suitable for high-speed flight, methinks.

With the force of rising gravity

Going as high as a Quinjet

Fitted with energy density in the battery pack

And the lift force of the wings.

Overcoming gravitational potential energy

At abnormal high altitudes

Propellers, turbines and synthetic-tissues

And the resistance force of the air.

In cruise mode, high and fast

Low energy recaptured on the way down

Gone are the days of reverse fuel

Exponential beats the square.

And the man of old;

The man of fantastic Merlin engines,

Dioramas, synthesized atomic structures,

Palladium cores and arc reactors gladly agreed,

“Then we’ll make it work!”



A meteorite, in all its magnificence
Vibranium A
10 000 tons in a sacred mound, the chanting echoes of a chamber.

Remains of a meteoroid
Reaching the Earth’s surface
The Plunderstone Cradle of Humankind
Anti-Metal just beneath the divided surface.

Must be an ore discovered thousands of years ago
With energy-manipulating properties
And the isotipes, proudly Wakandan
Likewise the heart-shaped herb, eaten by the cult.

Science or magic?
Superhuman strength, speed and instincts
A mist of mistically charged energies, shhh… kept secrets
Quantum levels flow out to infinity and beyond.

Existing in precious microscopic forms
While some called it an ambient alien metal
Particulate matter with a thought or two
Rendered inert by a moving shadow.

None heard…
This sound-absorbing mineral
Bashenga saw it as a gift from the Gods
Vibrating on it’s own
With weapons meant to protect, claws and all.

Radiation leads to prayer
For dear flora and fauna
For a lineage, centuries long
Tied to a threaded tattoo, glowing blue in scripts
So kinetic within themselves.

The White Gorilla knows
Sensing the smell of a thief!

The art of focused molecular levels
Unseen, invisible as they move mechanically
Sapping the energy that binds particles together
Marvels of disintegrating matter.

With the exterior stored within bonds of a molecule or three
Invictus even by the mightiest
One that disk shields or Proto-Adamantium could not duplicate
The same is true for True Adamantium

Predecessors of particle bombardment and Gigawatt Baryon Beams produced by a Cyclotron apparatus
Mindful of catastrophe, when the energy leaves through exploding doors.

A bench alone would feed a nation
Some saw an aircraft with strange lights rising into the sky, speeding off
It never changes, but T’Challa moulded the modern.

Dressed in a ceremonial garb, KIMOYO beaded bracelets updated to interface
Folding his arms over his chest.

This is the Royal Talon Fighter!
Seen when the spheres change shape into edged discs
Right into the hologram trees and forcefield domes
Behold, Goldencity, Capital of Wakanda.

A sprawling metropolis
With elaborate veins of public transportation, high arching skyscrapers,
spiral walkways and futuristic labs.

WDG disks for tablets, mannequins, functional but old
Fully automated and sound absorbent like old American movies,
with a Captain’s silicon carbide shield.

How about a gaudier gold tooth necklace
Ideas unnoticed, with millions of laced nanites glowing indigo
Bullet wounds, trillions of neurons and polymorphic structures healed overnight
They do here! with hovering delicate and intricate constructions, synapses work collectively— ye Banner.

Where the rocks glow ‘mongst automated mining carts whooshing blindingly fast between light panels, floating above rails
Some visitors saw it as advanced magnetic levitation
Vibranium all-around.

Out and up sonic stabilizers and stitched high tech sonic shields for Moshoeshoe blankets
A trap of phalanx formations and massive carvens
It’s just like riding a hoverbike.

Navigating through dragonfler blasts and rock outcroppings
Hovering 12 feet from the ground with sonic emission crucks
Leaving cymatic signatures, but only a pile of sand—
Responding to resonation with mimicries growing personas of their own.

There are no frisbees in Wakanda, ye Ultron— you don’t understand, when you see,
you’ll understand— you just need more…
We… We don’t do that here.

We’re harmoniously attuned to the gifts of nature.
While phenomenas joined the party of clairvoyant properties and quasi-conscious psychometric projections.

Wakanda will no longer watch from the shadows,
We all know the truth;
More connects us than separates us.
We must find a way to look after one another, as if we were one single tribe.

Wakanda Forever!


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