a poem by Abdulrahman M. Abu-Yaman

tonight, ascends my subconscious mind
travelling to timbuktu
soaring like an eagle
elevating with the wind up to the sky
landing on the dark mystery of the crescent
alas! Where my imagination finds its wings

inspiring fantastic fantasies
born of hallucinatory idiosyncrasies
trapped in illusional skepticism
and couched in an unfathomed fairyland
nonconforming to natural laws
like cognitive thoughts losing their 
gravitational force
hanging in the air like priceless jewels
and fitting together like a constellation
whilst glittering sparks of fictional ideas

portraying the wonderful timbuktu
the land of perfection in grandeur
where rivers flow in the air like oxygen
and fishes fly like birds
with mountains as fluffy as wool
and clouds germinating flowers of beauty
like the white lotus and pink roses
blooming auras of everlasting musk scent
the hybrid trees in plantation
hanging juicy fruits easy to reach

but unlike the angels,
the beings in Timbuktu need not
wings to fly
as they display broad smiles and joyful hearts
transparent to the human eyes
when revolving the realm in flying unicorns

all of the above, orchestrated by the chief idealist;
needless to say, my subconscious mind
that hath found solace in lofty explorations
away from real life problematic proliferations
tonight, descends my subconscious mind
from a realm far and far away
which you may know by the name of Timbuktu!


Twitter: @abuu_yaman