Music Feature: Nick Pagemat

Nick Pagemat is an alternative jazz-electronica artiste, music artist and producer, creative entrepreneur, and nominated fashion filmmaker. Nick is known for his ground breaking work in the South African creative industry. His latest offering of Netflix inspired Soundtracks sees him joining forces with rapper and music producer Elcrizzy (Christopher Sekese). MUÜD, an EP set to change perspectives and craft forth a different narrative into the South African music industry, includes five tracks that flow through as a first episode in a series.

Released on 17 July 2021 by Ezzow in Mthatha, the EP has received amazing reviews from amazing journalists in the country such as Asanda Magaqa and well respected The Muffinz band singer Sfiso Atomza. From the first song to the last, MUÜD sets a dreamy tone of healing, ease and, calmness. Elcrizzy describes the EP as the shortest yet most powerful piece to ever come out of South Africa from the Eastern Cape.

Nick shares his description of the project: “Muüd has no deeper meaning, it’s simply ‘mood’, just that we chose to write it different than the rest. The EP sets different moods, so it is like listening to a series rather than watching it.”

From the listening session, which took place on 10 July, the 5 track EP with songs such as Sky Ready, Mood, Ebsuku, Clear the Waters. and Queen Solo, is nothing short of amazing. 

MUÜD is available across all digital stores worldwide: