Reawakening Beauty

Poetry by Angelo De Klerk


Is this really my reflection?
Or the reflection of what’s around me?
I guess mirrors tell no lies…
I mean – 
It could be faulty lighting.
Maybe something in my outfit?
Or something about my face, 
Is it not in proportion?
I know I’m short but that’s not a big deal… 
But it’s clearly something in my reflection.
Or… maybe it’s something inside of me?
That same thing that’s waiting to be set free.
The beauty that not even my eyes can see.
These same eyes that tell no lies.
Look in and you might see how I really feel.
Only thing is…
Do people even care about what’s not seen in my reflection?



A woman of warmth and acceptance,
There to hold my hand in full stance.
No muscles needed to prove her strength, 
But battle scars…
Showing that she’s been through the most.
Encouraging me to reach my most challenging goals,
she is the reason I’ve filled all those dark holes.
She keeps me grounded with the warmth of mother nature.
With Her, there’s nothing overpowering about failure.
Mom carries a valuable heart worth more than gold
While using her precious hands with the touch of a god.
We grew a bond before I could take my first breath.



A saying: “Aim for the moon. 
Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”
A constellation…
like the ones mapped out on my thighs
the ones I sometimes think of as ugly.
When really they reflect the tiger inside me.
I wasn’t given the option to aim for the moon, 
I had to fight to be the moon 
Now I’m the whole galaxy. 


A letter to who I was 

Thank You, dearest Me – 
For setting Me free.
Thank You, dearest Me – 
For guiding me through my existence
From the times I’ve been scared,
To all the times I’ve felt brave. 
When failure put You into the backseat, 
You showed Me the way to succeed.
I’ve hung below the ground.
I’ve peaked over the clouds. 
It seems life is a double-sided coin… 
Have I cracked the true beauty of life?
Of Our life?