You are my home

A Poem by Samantha Maposa

you are my home

of fractured walls and all

scarred floors and walls.

we are mended with precious metals

our cracks filled like cream doughnuts and our eyes – cleaner, wider, better

we are a beautiful sight!

you are my home – unguarded.

we are extended enclosures and corridors wide as palaces

no fence around us but a wide spinach-green lawn

it once burned yellow and worn but now it’s for you to adorn

it once was a forest of tall hideous reeds up to eyes

but you are my home and always been.

of new furniture and cleanliness

watch the sunlight glimmer off the new chest of drawers

and fresh frankincense twirling in the air.

it feels so good to live inside you

it feels so good to be here.

windows open, love circulating, blood running around and not out

we bake bread for neighbors now and tip waiters

we give love like oprah gives cars

the sun shines upon me within you

you are my home

now come here and let’s get some coconut oil on that scalp.