A way back to the Crown

Poem by Palesa Motsoeneng

Born into an infinite reign of kings 
With a duty to fill in the shoes 
All that’s been uttered is 
Reign, reign, reign! 
When eyes meet the throne 
Feet begin to stagger 
When observing the ways of practice 
Heart suddenly becomes faint 
When being informed regarding my right 
Everything suddenly seems wrong 
The echoes in my mind whispered 
Leave the land and free yourself! 
I wandered the world, sowed like a bird 
Flew high up in the sky, until the point of no return 
I was at liberty, but isolation got the best of me 
Anticipated freedom but got fixed in my own sorrow 
Returning to the land will be medicine to my agony 
Embracing my purpose will put my mind at ease 
Claiming back my roots and rise firmly with pride 
The crownless shall return to the throne