Heritage Honours Collection

Poems by Singular Poet

The Zulu Reed Dance

Sometimes, when you look at her,
The way her smooth skin unloosened
the ooze of warmth’s bosom
Her glowing eyes brimmed with pride

Along the delicate tangles of her
natural hair, floweth her purity,
the pulse of her dancing personality
As accentuated by her urged whims

Living her only truth ‘neath shade’s esteem
A journey from the oldest mountain
ranges, to the vast plains and palaces
From the lakes and the river rocks,
the waving hills, the forest’s baobabs

To all the years she’s kept safely
secured in tight abstinence’s guard
As strong, sure and firm as she’s beautiful
As endearing as her energy’s ebb

With her color’s cloth, reed sticks and beads
And only the gaze, with chirping
echoes of jubilant songs from dawn
Magnificence enters the Kings’, Chiefs’ and suitors’ eye



Utamaduni, Kitambulisho, Urithi

The Zulu maiden, day by day,
The Zulu Princess, year by year,
The stride of her Septembered step
Walks o’er the bloom of ululating flowers.


Springboards Connecting and Embodying the Incredible History of Africa

A conceived citadel,
cocooned in the extending hi-rise
and urban skyline
A pond of learning, excellence
and research round the anchorpoint

Evolves with the urban grain
The concept, carved from
the gulf, the hand of the Hausa
and the solid masonry façades
of Timbuktu

Sheltering the language of
the courtyard’s apertures
And floats short, the span,
the fifth in closed patios

Welcomed ‘neath overhang’s
columned shade
From which floweth the Sphinx,
smelted stones and ruins

Soothing the desert’s heart
through the ripened night
The yan of culture, filled at last
In such, blooms the cradle of the renaissance


On the Bridge of Nature

The wise build bridges, literally so
‘midst infinite views and tracks
Under the vermillion walkways
of a deflected theory
Slid down an elevated cable’s flex

Not wasting the minute’s steam
Plummets first to fifth, thermals so;
Round the river rocks, the piers
high o’er eras of boiling rail

The wildlife, known for fame
Lavish and lush, abutments sunk near
panthera trails and congregated herds
When the elephants kick the mud ‘gainst rays

As thin as towers’ gentle force when asked
Penned as spanning arch on steel’s anchorage
Bracing skies and lateral diagonal ways like birds
The safari within the bridge, grasps
the drinking floors

Then the carriage rooms, walkways
meandering ‘neath the glass-walled
anamorphic ceiling’s camellia
Tempts to ask of this winged cocoon

Shooting up sedum and moss
And valued as terracotta, travellers of old
Such, floats magnolias, metres-wide
and softens the lower clouds and ponds

As thin as towers’ gentle force when asked
Toppled by cutter’s settling stones
The Mighty stood, as held by décor
and herds of rivet grips

The ant crawls on these trees and logs
and grounds of orchids from the land
of shalati, azaleas and exotic forests
From floor to ceiling, second only to nature’s ooze.


The San, the Rocks, the trance in the Art

Five fingers against a rock
Going back, the palm reveals red paint
from the Middle or Late Stone Age
Ancient rocks, hard and strong

Unmoved by wind and weather
Clearly visible, peculiar human figures
Walk, run, jump, trance in their dance,
Hunt and fight be they men or women,

Be they small, slim and lean
Be they thick lipped or small
and flattish on the nose, 
Some follow the sacred Eland of Loteni—

Spiritual places of power and potency
The future will find them there,
Thoughts and dreams of the San
Survived, several thousand years 

And the reddish hand seen,
remains an unclear mystery—
The artist who mixed and rubbed, 
Shaded the polychrome red and white, 
The unknown traveller,
Or he who disappeared and never returned.

The Zulu Reed Dance:
The annual ceremony as it was held during the reign of the late Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini.

Springboards Connecting and Embodying the Incredible History of Africa:
The importance of institutions such as The Africa Institute in Sharjah, UAE and the Thabo Mbeki Presidential Library in promoting education, excellence, history and culture in Africa.

On the Bridge of Nature:
The splendid sights of nature and the thought of bygone eras in Kruger National Park, with over 900 heritage sites, from the position of the Kruger Shalati Train.

The San, the Rocks, the Trance in the Art:
The Rock art and heritage of the Khoi and San, spread throughout Southern Africa.


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