Deconstructing Dysphoria

Artwork by Angelo de Klerk and Lesedi Daniel Moleko

TW: Gender Dysphoria

Many people see being a transgender person as taboo or ‘wrong’, for many reasons, but they don’t think looking at the transition through the eyes of the person transitioning. Even those who are supportive only notice the outer journey and the physical changes that we go through. Not much time of day is given to what happens inside our heads… Gender dysphoria is one of many internal battles that many trans people experience. It is the feeling of discomfort that one gets when their gender identity doesn’t match their birth sex. 

I (Angelo de Klerk) have experienced it, my homie JD (Lesedi Daniel Moleko) has experienced it, and many of the members in my trans community have too.  

Every transition is a unique experience, and we are well aware that it’s too diverse to completely cover with merely two art pieces. Therefore, while we can’t attempt to speak for the entire trans community, we have decided to collab on this piece to share our known experiences and show the relationship between two trans men and creatures that symbolize gender dysphoria.

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