Mangled Muses

Artwork by Awonke Kwinana



A rural guy who grew up in the outskirts of eRabula at Kieskammahoek (eQoboqobo), always living in the shadow of his name Rhamncwana (Beast). He has a good pure nature but that was robbed by the gothic environment he was nurtured in. His dark deeds are a call for attention and help, knowing that he is cosmetically disfigured and always trying to prove himself as the king of darkness with a nature for killing. Even in this state his community knows what he does yet they empathise with him.



A lady from Zenzele in Bekkersdal whose state of envy drove her to do things to survive. Pain, sadness and envy fuel her drive as this is the only to hustle. She always chants in her heart, I’m the product of my background. Even though seasons know when to change, her thought process has been her biggest anchor.



Isidanga esika Guntu

Everything about him is about perception. His optimism has always been his source of strength. When one is above a situation, he does believe that his dreams will liberate him from his current situation. 

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