The Discovery of a Vampire 

Poem by Motswalo Manasoe

As you drink this water
Realize you may die of thirst,
A creature is never fulfilled. 

So, she spoke her last words
To her only grandson,
The village mystery.

Born out of wedlock or intimacy 
To faceless folks.
Yet dwellers to the land unknown nor seen.
To what he possesses is not of this world
But he is no God!

So, trust him not with your daughters.
For their blood is selective.
Innocent and untouched. 
The discovery of a vampire!

You see, temples are not safe,
At least not for prayers or worships.
Helen, Julia, Margret, and Nancy
Four nuns who toke a vow of chastity.
Set to have a prayer, in a clumpy darkest evening.
To ask for light, as if they knew a vampire’s weakness. 

In ancient civilization.  A long time ago.  
The four nuns were to learn how unsafe temples are. 
Nancy from behind was the first to scream and be gone!
With Margret quickly to follow
And Helen And Julia…
To discover a vampire.

After all, Vampires exist! 

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