Letters to Myself 

Poems by Sarah Asmali

Dear sexuality

I wrote a gratitude list concerning you.

I would like to thank you for the following:

Because of you I have learnt empathy towards minority groups.
Although you may come across as defensive with me at times, your need to protect yourself has resulted within me a deep compassion for people and groups that are oppressed.
You have brought individual prejudice into my awareness.
You tested my friendships and family ties. I was scared and angry when you did this, but you showed me the people that see me, and the people that will always try to see me.
Your persistence to arrive unannounced in my psyche at the most difficult times forced me to introspect and become self-aware.
You showed me who I am comfortable with.
You showed me who I can be honest with.
You taught me to be honest with myself.

I know the communication between us will never really come to an end. I know that we have not always had the best of relationships. But I wanted you to know that whether you are the manifestation of my trauma or the essence of my freedom, I will forever be grateful to you.


I am Queer for You

A mother, a father, a child
A society of armoured brutes
Pure potential denied
The poor colonised mind
A system unconscious of itself
Little pockets of children
Standing up
Pointing back to our absurdity
Every inner child now
Standing up
The inner child of the grandparent
The inner child of the parent
Before they begin to parent
Standing up on piles of confusion
Conquering little tantrums
of shame and denial
I stand up and come out
to the pressure of before
Against the rules of judgment
I came out to say
With the utmost conviction
I am brave
I am here for you
You needn’t worry anymore
We can accomplish anything together
That love will never die
That we know no form of oppression
That of gender and country
of race and tradition
But only that of sensual delight
Of light and dark
but beautiful intercourse
of energetic exchange
Collective and alone
I am queer
to stay.
I am queer
to evolve.
I am queer
to guide my ancestors back home.


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