Together with Pride

Poems by Alun Robert

Together with Pride

walking out close together
arm in arm clasped tight
kaleidoscope of colour
plethora of pride
off from cold shadows
to the warm of summer sun
passing towers of prejudice
into main street and mainstream
step by bold step
banishing the boundaries
confronting ignorance
overcoming false ceilings
to fight for human rights
to be treated like others
to take a strong stand
in the furrow of freedom
no more sweeping under carpets
no cowering in corners
no whispers from forked tongues
no more double entendre
just spreading pride
kaleidoscope of colour
arm in arm clasped tight
coming out close together


The March

we watch them parade
soldiers of humanity
pride in their participation
in step out of step
alert to their appearance
rainbow-coloured uniforms
weapons of words
armour l’amour

yet enemies surround
ignorant and inept
snipers behind screens
chicken-livered cowards
eyes closed, ears shut
hate vulgar in extremis
afraid of marchers’ freedom
envious of their acceptance

while the parade pauses
standing to intention
of displaying to the world
we are all much the same
no matter the colour
no matter the religion
no matter the language
no matter the predilection

though cliffs remain high
barriers immeasurable
routes out of the closet
fraught with danger and horror
as October light fades
it will rise another day
for children of the rainbow
to parade once again