I never been known for good letters but heed this message.

Poem by Motswalo Manasoe

I am walking in circles
As if I am patiently attempting to dig a well with my rather tired soles,
So, to throw my hopes and dreams in.

“Son, life for me hasn’t always been easy”
However, my hopes and dreams are to ensure yours is so.
So, pardon my repetition in warnings and guidance towards you
It is only the well that I am digging to ensure progressiveness in your life.

Today I saw an old former schoolmate of mine
Who has always been slightly older, and out of control!
But now in both appearance and death wish.
He is suffering you see,
Yet still can’t get himself to knot the suicide rope quite well.

There we are, in this letter I caution you, be aware of your decisions today.

Back in my well, I foresee this for you.
A good neighborhood
With a good job, perhaps with a business or two.
A comfortable home
With a comfortable meal and comfortable company.
And a nice car, hopefully an electric one.
Lord knows we need not to damage the world with emissions no longer.

However, to get to this well,
And quench yourself with such essential wits.
Heed this letter and observe.