Sincerely Yours

Poem by Ashley Moyo

To whom it may concern
I’m sorry
I’m sorry for the dysphoria caused by the wet corners on this page
– tears do get harder to bag when they come unexpected – forgive me
It’s been hard to stand sturdy, without my backbone
The octopus and I dance to tunes of spineless things
When you left
there were bones that followed you
Bones that tried to crawl out of muscle memory
To unlearn familiar movement
1 2 3 4
4 3 1 2
unlearn you

Time has become a gym
Trying to lift my heart and gain patience
But I fear telling it the truth
That being “Bros” with it
Means losing the last of you

I’ve written 2021 letters
Stood on the patio of contemplation rereading the letters
looking for errors, for reason
But Nothing,
just crooked hands afraid to offer themselves to another
Moving on is an active thing
Healing is an active thing
Its writing letters, sulking, and being at peace
even if you don’t sending them

So to whom it may concern
I’m sorry this letter too won’t reach you
The 2022 letter you’re reading
Is not for you but for me.

P.S. The home address in the right corner isn’t mine
Just in case you try writing back.