When I was in Zurich

Poem by Singular Poet

Yesterday I received your dear letter
and was very happy with it:

XI/MCMXV: Archives of tropism’s cathode;
Montserrats of a photographic folder.
A third mounted by Perspec Prints,
then flutists fitted flat on album legs.

An acrylic range of deeds and diaries
capturing cherished phonetic memories.
Framed formats of passing themes in
the main.
Covered leatherette, stamped for all to see;
That is the way to learn the most.

Some gloss matts there laid on coffee tables.
Strenuous and sophisticated narratives there told.
Unique strangers, with a heavier grain of fondness
reflected by the growth of comforting color
and groundbreaking works of bound birthdays at woven weddings.

The anniversary of graduating friendship.
Teachers preferred abbreviated artworks
of carpentry, pleasing pursuits and the piano;
Just for their encapsulated look and loving feel.

Those tracked by décors’ collected hands.
Block mounts scanned one linocut mail—
tracked by flying cards and loras in luminary lines of signage;
In expos, craft fairs, polished shows of the nearest noon.

‘Twas then enlarged, numbering a geodesic hypersurface-orthogonal canvas;
transparent to their proportional eyes.
Be with invariant middle gutters and wrapped names without timelike agendas.

Such was and is the architecture.
A quoted quill in Black and White.

Even so, I’m glad that something moved in all that is in your heart.