Odd is a magazine and platform for uplifting, creative, and thought-provoking content.

The articles we produce cover various contemporary sociological and anthropological content, as well as travel stories about unorthodox destinations, amongst other topics.

We love art! We are a canvas for poetry, short stories, photography, music, and film. We publish up-and-coming talents, and we do reviews of brilliant, bold, and authentic art.

Odd talks about the things that few others are talking about, covers the topics that few others are covering. We also interview artists and content-creators who you should be watching.

Odd is a place where people are coming for their weekly slice of happiness. It is a platform where people can connect with others who inspire them, consume interesting content, and scratch the surface and go a bit deeper than this plastic world often does.


The philosophy of odd: unlearn. uplift. explore

Unlearn: Odd seeks to help people unlearn and review their basic assumptions about the social world we find ourselves in.

Uplift: Odd believes in good vibes, and in uplifting people with inspiring content.

Explore: Odd helps people, wherever on the planet they may be, explore their world, look deeper, and find novel approaches to life with kindred spirits.