Poetics and Narrativity: Raising/Rebirthing Rare Pearls

An Article By Ntombi K Rare pearls have been thrown among us and we have trampled upon them (Lo Liyong, T. 2006:160).   In his critical article about writing, Tutuola, son of Zinjanthropus, Taban Lo Liyong warns that the beautiful ones, the rare pearls, were long born. In this sense, the role of the writer […]

How to Learn a Language

9 lessons for the uninitiated by Taahir Kamal Chagan The key determiners in the process of learning a language are the same timeless qualities that are involved in learning anything well in life. Here are 9 insightful lessons for people who are considering embarking on the journey of acquiring a language. 1- The ‘Why’ What’s […]

Feminism in the age of hashtags and transculturation

An Article By Nicola Pilkington Hey! Did you see the new Janelle Monáe music video- I mean, “let the vagina have a monologue” is my new mantra atm, but #EatItLikeAMango is still my bae. Or did you catch #OprahForPresident at the #2018GoldenGlobes? Or the #AhedTamimi viral video? How many statuses did you see as part […]

Braamfontein – A Dream Deferred

By Selabe Kute   A dense, salty musk hangs over the air as I gaze through one of the many dusty windowsills that plaster over Kitcheners Carvary bar in inner-city Johannesburg. The bar revels in its antiquated appeal, its peeling walls are punctuated by a disintegrating painting of Lord Kitchener who looms over the slurred-sentences […]